Drive In Racking Capacity Calculator

Warehouse Dimensions
Length (mm): The Length of the Warehouse in milimeters, Front to Back.
Width (mm): The Width of the Warehouse in milimeters, Left to Right.
Height (mm): The Height of the Warehouse in milimeters, Top to Floor.
Loading Area (mm): The size of the Loading Area in milimeters, positioned at the front of the warehouse.

Pallet Dimensions
Entry (mm): The Width required for each pallet to enter the racking, in Milimeters.
Depth (mm): The Depth required for each pallet, in Milimeters.
Height (mm): The Height required for each pallet, in Milimeters

Number of pallets deep per block: Number of Pallets in each block.
Load/Unload Opposite from Pick Face: Select whether to have a picking aisle at both ends of block.
Push Back:
Pallet Live:

Minimum Flt Aisle Width (mm) The width of each aisle (front to back), in milimeters.
No. Transfer Aisles The number of required transfer aisles (left to right).
Transfer Aisle Size (mm) The width of each transfer aisle (left to right), in milimeters.
Area (Depth)
Pallet Width + Clearance
Pallets in run The number of pallets in each run (front to back), dependent on space.
Double + Aisle
No. runs The number of runs (left to right), dependent on space.
Ground Floor locations Total number of storage locations (No. Runs x Pallets in Run).
Pitch calculation
Add calc
No. Levels High inc Floor The number of storage locations available due to height.
Estimated No. of Pallet Locations The total number of storage locations (Ground Floor Locations x Levels High).