Carton Live

Carton Live storage, also known as flow racking, works in the same way as pallet live storage, but is used for stock that is loaded and picked by hand.

Each bay has a roller track angled at a slight gradient, with the lower side at the picking face. Items are loaded at the higher end and rolled down to replace each item that is removed, creating a first in, first out system that is ideal for efficient stock control of date-sensitive items.

Carton live reduces order picking times, minimises picking errors, and makes management of stock levels and throughput much simpler. It is a highly effective way at streamlining operations for fast moving products, assembly, packing or dispatch.

Rackit Space Calculator

Our warehouse calculator can provide indicative storage capacities on some of our most popular warehouse solutions. Why not try this unique tool to get an idea of storage capacities on a number of our storage solution.

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