Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

The most common configuration for pallet racking, as it is a very cost-effective system for storing pallets safely and designed to work with your existing MHE equipment.
This flexible system makes use of existing building heights to maximise storage capacity of individual stock keeping units (SKU’s). Multiple disciplines within the operation, such as a picking and storage operation in the same footprint, can be achieved due to the flexibility of the system.

Key Features of Wide Aisle Pallet racking

  • All pallets stored in system are 100% accessible
  • Multiple strategies easily implemented into same configuration
  • Existing forklift truck fleet can be utilised (storage heights may be limited by FLT lift heights)
  • Multiple trucks can operate in the same aisle – increasing throughput speeds
  • Various pallet types can be stored in the same solution
  • Flexibility against any ongoing products changes
  • Ideal for high number of SKU storage requirements
  • Effective solution for ‘just in time’ purchasing strategies
  • Low initial investment

Why not try our Space Calculator, by entering the dimensions of your storage space you can select various types of Pallet Racking & Shelving, and see how much you can fit in your space.

Space Calculator