Multi-Tier Racking

If you have height in your warehouse that is not being utilized, or if you think you need to move to a bigger facility to achieve 5 year growth plans proposed, a multi-tier solution should be considered. These specifically designed solutions; giving additional floor and pick locations supported by shelving or a pallet racking system, provide additional capacity over your existing floor slab footprint. Your lease with the landlord will be based on the footprint of the floor slab, meaning any additional floor space generated above the slab by a multi-tier system is free. This results in this solution generating strong ROI when considered as an alternative to relocation to a larger facility.

There are a number of factors to consider before specifying a multi-tier solution. The shelving or pallet racking layout is fixed and cannot be moved. This means you are unable to have different aisle configurations to different floors. There are alternative options we can discuss if this flexibility is a requirement for the operation in the future – such as structural mezzanines and stand-alone shelving / pallet racking.

A multi-tier system is perfect for a pick operation, where the base warehouse footprint does not achieve the required locations to house all your SKU’s. Rather than having to split or even having duplicate locations for multiple SKU’s, why not look at a multi—tier solution to overcome this challenge? Designed correctly it can incorporate pick zones for reduced pick times and conveyors to move product to the various areas. At Rackit we’d always look at the feasibility of this system within your operation and generate a location matrix that ensures fast movers are located at ground level and slow movers located on higher floors, to maximise the efficiency of the operation.