Although VNA follows the same principles as Wide Aisle pallet racking, this solution provides a more bespoke storage solution to a warehouse operation. Aisles are significantly smaller within a VNA solution and specialist MHE equipment is required to operate within these tight tolerances. This results in a much smaller building footprint being required and when aligned with a higher eves height, cost effective pallet capacity against the building cost can be achieved – potentially generating a reduced return on investment timescale.

Key Features of VNA Pallet racking

  • All pallets stored in system are 100% accessible
  • Aisles generally limited to one truck per aisle. Flat or super flat slabs required
  • Picking strategies can be implemented into configuration
  • Taller building heights can be maximised
  • Various pallet types can be stored in same solution
  • Flexible to any ongoing products changes
  • Ideal for high number of SKU storage requirements
  • High initial investment (specialist trucks required)
  • Reduced damage – lower lifetime cost and downtime challenges

Why not try our Space Calculator, by entering the dimensions of your storage space you can select various types of Pallet Racking & Shelving, and see how much you can fit in your space.

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