With any storage solution it is always good practice to adequately protect it from potential damage. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 Part 1 states that the employer must provide and maintain systems of work and a working environment that is safe and without risks to health. Working on this principle the risks within a storage system should be assessed and proportional costs should be applied to these risks.
At Rackit we understand the requirements of the Act and the proportional cost that our customers should be applying to comply. Our knowledge and guidance, together with our range of protective products, will provide the solutions you need to keep your operations and people safe.

Protection solutions offered can be simple guards to racking uprights through to complete mesh systems to eliminate goods falling. The downtime to making any form of damage safe will have an impact on your operational efficiencies and could see a reduced capacity within the operation for a number of weeks. It is always best practice to identify these risks and with our support, apply measures to mitigate against these risks.

Protection doesn’t have to be limited to just the storage structure. We can also discuss and provide pedestrian / forklift segregation barriers in locations, such as around the perimeter of an operation. For added security and visibility this solution could include floor markings to greatly reduce risk of injury to your staff.