Mezzanine Floors

A Mezzanine floor is a quick and easy way of utilizing the available height of a building, doubling or even tripling the available floor space. Installed quickly and effectively, a mezzanine floor can prove to be a rational alternative to relocating your business or expanding your premises. Mezzanine floors are typically designed as free-standing platforms and comprise the main universal beams, in turn supported by rolled hollow section steel beams.

Typically, a mezzanine floor is used for three main purposes, increasing storage space, office accommodation and increasing retail floor space.

Installing a mezzanine floor is an ideal way to solve any storage issues that your company might have. Shelving and racking can be installed on the storage level, or it can be used to provide a new storage platform for palletised goods.

By utilizing the available headroom in your premises with a mezzanine floor, additional office space can quickly be created. This is a relatively cost effective solution, allowing a business to increase its headcount, under the same roof.

A mezzanine floor can be used to increase retail floor space. Our floors fit seamlessly into a retail space, and we have a huge selection of high quality decking, staircases and handrail options to choose from.

We will ensure that your new mezzanine floor is designed in compliance with all the current building regulations, British Standards and best practice guidelines. We will also ensure that all the necessary Fire regulations, health and safety and access regulations are taken into consideration when we are designing, manufacturing and installing your mezzanine platform.

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