Pallet Live

Pallet Live is a dynamic system that moves pallets from a loading point, via rollers positioned on a gradient, to an unload point within the racking system. This means this solution is ideal for FIFO (first in, first out) operations where date critical control is required and must be maintained. All pallets are controlled during their journey down the lane by speed controllers, to ensure a controlled speed is maintained. Due to this system being capable of housing a large number of pallets in each lane a pallet separator is usually installed at the pick face. This separates the front pallet from the trailing pallets behind, to allow for a picking operation or safe removal of the front pallet. This solution is prominent within manufacturing of perishable goods, food and drink operations and where dispatch areas require designated dispatch lanes to improve efficiency.

Key Features of Pallet Live Pallet racking

  • Operations with low SKU numbers / large quantities of each SKU
  • Provides automatic stock rotation of products
  • Dedicated load and unload rack faces
  • Fast throughput speeds can be achieved
  • Dense storage solution – less floor space used
  • Existing forklift truck fleet can be utilised (storage height may be limited by FLT lift heights)
  • Connects manufacture with dispatch, reducing travel times
  • High initial investment

Why not try our Space Calculator, by entering the dimensions of your storage space you can select various types of Pallet Racking & Shelving, and see how much you can fit in your space.

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